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Mother Courage — Snow

Mother Courage and Her Children Director: Sandi Zielenski This snow was used during a scene in the Illinois State University production of Mother Courage and Her Children in October of 2012. It was projected onto the wall and the set during a snowstorm scene. The show toured to the KCACTF Region III Festival in January […]

The Hippo Song!

At long last, I am finally posting the 2D Animation of The Hippo Song. Due to my interview and subsequent job offer from Illinois State University, I shortened the project so that I could graduate on time, so not all verses of the song are there. At some point, I hope to finish the song and […]

More Mucus

Again, this is from the NIH-funded UGA Vet School Project that I helped work on in July of 2010. This is the mucus with the cilia, though the camera pass is not here. The mucus is from particles, and the cilia is fur. The render time on this was monstrous, so we eventually had to […]


Here is a prototype of phlegm I did for a NIH-funded project for the UGA Vet School. A team of us were working on a respiratory system, and my portion was cilia and mucus. This pass is mucus-only, and it shows the mucus as it is pushed by the (currently invisible) cilia.

Snowman Animation

  This was my first ever 3-D animation project, made in Maya, for an animation class I took. I love this guy’s hat — it makes him look refined, but not stuffy (as a top hat might do …)