Hippo Construction

I’ve been working this week on tracing my hippo to see what s/he will look like in Toon Boom. It’s kind of a give and take — since I am learning the software, I’m watching a couple of tutorials, then trying to do what I see in the tutorials. So far, I see why people […]

New Year, New Progress

Since last updating ye’ ol’ Thesis Blog, I’ve had some changes in direction. Over the holiday break, I had a lot of time to work on the project. In my attempts to storyboard “Them,” I recognized that the project would be far too difficult to do in the amount of time I have to get […]

ASIFA 12 n 12 at the High Museum

A couple of weeks ago, some colleagues and I participated in the ASIFA 12 n 12 Animation Challenge. Our challenge was to create a 6-second intro and outro for videos for the Planeteer Movement. Teams from Atlanta and Athens participated, and the winner will be announced on Saturday night, December 10, at the High Museum. […]