The Hippo Song!

At long last, I am finally posting the 2D Animation of┬áThe Hippo Song. Due to my interview and subsequent job offer from Illinois State University, I shortened the project so that I could graduate on time, so not all verses of the song are there. At some point, I hope to finish the song and […]

Image of animated, 2-D hippo created by Shannon O'Neill at soundslikeshannon

Progress: Slowly but surely

I’ve been working on getting this hippo to dance, and it is coming along. Not to the point where I want to post a video of what I have, but it is coming along. This guy is dancing to the hippo salute now, though I’ve got to get the last couple of moves together at […]

He looks like he has something in his eye!

… And We Have Substitutions!

I’ve been working on this one hippo for quite a while now, and as I previously mentioned, it is taking even longer than I thought it would to get a working character. But, today, I finished drawing in my preliminary substitutions! I’m sure I’ll want to add more as time goes on, but for now, […]

Progress Report: Slow, but Steady

I’ve been working on this hippo for quite some time now. Modeling and giving joints and bones is taking far longer than I anticipated. Having done some work in 3D before, I somehow thought that getting a character ready in 2D would be less time consuming, but I was mistaken. Now, some of it could […]