Written, recorded, edited, and performed by Shannon O’Neill. ℗ 2010 Shannon O’Neill This song was written initially for the Hidden Voices production Home is Not One Story, about home and homelessness. I read the accounts of people who experienced homelessness in some form. Certain aspects of each story stuck with me, especially the stories of […]

Other Side of the Mirror

Music and lyrics written, recorded, performed and edited by Shannon O’Neill. ℗ 2008 Shannon O’Neill I also wrote this for Speaking Without Tongues. The Hidden Voices production presented issues of domestic violence through the eyes of survivors. Survivors shared their stories, and the cast was made up of survivors who agreed to perform their own […]

Take Me Down To the River

Music and lyrics written, recorded and edited by Shannon O’Neill. Guitars, Vocals: Shannon O’Neill Bass: Wendy Spitzer Djembe: Ali Colleen Neff ℗ 2008 Shannon O’Neill A mix of documentary-style and traditional songwriting, I wrote this for Speaking Without Tongues, a Hidden Voices production that premiered in 2008 in Carrboro, NC. This particular song was inspired […]


Written, recorded and edited by Shannon O’Neill Voice, Piano: Shannon O’Neill Guitars, Bass, Percussion, Brian Graves ℗ 2005 Shannon O’Neill This is a song I wrote for a show a while back. It’s the first show I ever sound designed and my first serious foray into audio (I had dabbled, however I had never produced […]