Progress Report: Slow, but Steady

I’ve been working on this hippo for quite some time now. Modeling and giving joints and bones is taking far longer than I anticipated. Having done some work in 3D before, I somehow thought that getting a character ready in 2D would be less time consuming, but I was mistaken. Now, some of it could be due to the learning curve … Toon Boom is new to me, so it is taking me a minute to get my bearings, but it is a long process. Right now, I’ve got five views of the hippo that I’m working on (front, quarter, profile, 3-quarter, and back), and I’ve got to cut up the images and get all the different body parts on different layers. Then I need to set the parts for each view of the hippo. I haven’t even gotten to different eye and mouth shapes yet — I have a feeling I won’t be doing those for a while.

The whole purpose of this project is for me to work opposite to my regular process. As a sound designer, I often create sound from a visual (as well as a story, but it is amazing how much I hear when I see), and I rarely create a visual from a sound. I want to see what that process is like, and if it helps me as a sound designer to know how to create the visual (in short — of course it will, but the bigger question is how it will help). I’m getting really excited to see this hippo dance, but I’m trying to keep myself from getting impatient, as when I get impatient, I make mistakes. It’s much better for me to keep the progress slow and steady. If that means I have to scale back the project, so be it. In the end I want to make something that is enjoyable to watch.

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