Sound Design: Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights Photo Credit: UGA Theatre and Film StudiesArabian Nights: UGA University Theatre October 2010

My Role: Sound Designer, Composer, Musical Direction
Director: David Saltz

All of these sounds were created with Apple Loops. The original concept was to use interactive sound within the production, meaning that we needed loop-based material that could build on itself as needed. As such, I created files constructed of loops in anticipation of deconstructing them once the interactivity was in place. As the interactivity was not fully recognized, these files actually made it into the show.

Along with these tracks, I constructed others to accompany the singing that happens in the play (I also wrote the melodies), but as I have not obtained rights to use the lyrics, I will not post those.

Tracks were played through QLab, and based on the performance, would fade in and fade out through cues written in QLab. While I tried to make the files sound finished, they often did not play all the way through.

Track 1: Perfect Love Dance

This is the track when Perfect Love and Scheherezade come together and dance. The oud and drumbeat at the beginning are Perfect Love’s “call” — they played whenever Perfect Love appeared. The music then builds up as the dance gets more frenetic and sensual and Scheherezade joins in.

Track 2: Perfect Love Ominous Wedding

The day of the wedding has arrived, but when we get to the wedding, the bride is not the Perfect Love that the groom expects. The music here is a modified, more ominous version of the Perfect Love call.

Track 3: Traveling Through India

After Abu Al-Hasan’s embarrassing fart, he is sent to exile and travels through India. This underscored his travel.
Sound Design: Arabian Nights by soundslikeshannon

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