Documentary/Community Songwriting: The Earth is the Place Where We Live

While teaching in the public school system, I did an Earth Day unit with my students. I asked them to make suggestions about how we can save the planet. I then took the suggestions and arranged them into lyrics for a song that the class then learned. Here are the lyrics:


Verse 1:
I’m gonna go outside and plant some plants today,
They breathe carbon dioxide and release oxygen,
Oh yeah,we’re gonna clean the air

Verse 2:
I’m gonna carpool to school and save some gas today,
‘Cause fuel comes from natural resources that might go away,
Oh yeah, we’ll save our resources.

‘Cause the Earth is the place where we live,
And everybody has to give it a little bit of TLC,
Recycle, save some energy,
‘Cause the Earth is the place that we all call home.

Verse 3:
I’m gonna go outside and pick up some litter today,
So its runoff doesn’t contaminate our soil and rivers and streams,
Oh yeah, we’re gonna save our land.

(sing chorus again)

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